Despair Can Be a Terrible Thing and It Happens All Too Frequently. Do You Have
Your Wings of Hope?

When you allow yourself to ride on the wings of hope you can see a light at the end of the tunnel you are traveling through. On these wings you can keep hope strong in your heart and find ways to persevere through the difficult circumstances that you may be dealing with.

It is also easy to fall off of these comforting wings. When this happens do not allow yourself to drift into a depression. No good can come from that. Instead, you need to focus on how you are going to find your way back to a hopeful place.

Despair can be a terrible thing and it happens all too frequently. It seems like hope can disappear in an instant and you are left feeling alone and lost. However, you do not have to suffer like that in silence.

To find your hope again you need to identify what is good in your life. The good things are not always large, in fact, often they are quite small and simple. It could be something as simple as seeing the sun peek out from a set of storm clouds that can turn your mood around, but there is hope in these simple thoughts.

Small and simple things hold beauty, and in that beauty is hope. Hope is like a seed. It is a small gift that if tended for will grow into a beautiful flower, and when that flower blooms you are enveloped in its beauty. When hope is allowed to grow you can feel yourself swept up onto its wings.

You need to realize that the wings of hope will not protect you from everything. You are not invincible even with the strongest sense of hope. In fact, life has a way of throwing curve balls at you that will take you down a notch. It is easy to get knocked down by these. It is easy to get overwhelmed by these. It is easy to see your hope start to fade, but if you are strong in your resolve you can fight this off.

Remember, life is a journey of peaks and valleys. Even in the deepest valley there is the promise of a peak at the other side. Coincidentally the deeper the valley is the higher its wall will be. What does that mean? It means that though you may feel as though your circumstances are hopeless right now that is only temporary.

Across the way your hope will be stronger than ever and you will be in a more positive place than you could ever imagine. The key is to know that there is always hope around the corner.

Each moment is an opportunity to change your path and your circumstances. With each moment you can step back onto the wings of hope so that they may help you soar to your greatest potential.


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