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Living your life to the fullest is exciting, but along with excitement, many people find themselves dealing with many other emotions along the way. Even if you’re living your dream, it can be scary, so it’s essential to be aware of and work through all of the emotions you’re experiencing along the way. Here’s a closer look at some of the emotions you may experience during your journey.

1 – Self Doubt
Is your new idea really good? Will you fail? Did you make the right decision? What if you have a flawed plan for your new life? These are all common questions you may begin asking yourself during your journey in life. You may find yourself wondering if you made a mistake.

2 – Fear and Regret
You may begin questioning the timing of your new decisions. Maybe this isn’t the right time to make changes. Will you accomplish what you need to succeed? Should you have waited a bit longer? After making life changing decisions, many people find themselves dealing with fear, particularly when they have families relying on them financially.

3 – Longing and Grief
Even if you wanted to leave your old job, you may experience some longing for that job or you may miss former coworkers. You may even miss your work routine from the past, as well as those regular paychecks. Grieving the loss of your former job, your coworkers, and the security of the job is normal.

4 – Loneliness
After the initial excitement of starting something new wears off, you may begin to feel lonely. It may feel like you’re starting over, and loneliness is even more common if you don't have others to share your new experiences with.

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Of course, while you’ll no doubt deal with these and many other emotions, you must learn to deal with these emotions effectively. You cannot allow them to rule your life. It’s important to focus on happy thoughts, finding rays of hope as you work towards building a successful and rewarding life.

Remember, those emotions are normal. You can’t ignore your emotions. However, you can acknowledge your emotions, work through them, and then find ways to build up your courage in times of need.

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