Herb Ammons - entrepreneur, motivational speaker and positivity powerhouse, founded Happy Life Secrets with the intention of inspiring and empowering women. Having faced and overcome countless obstacles in his own business journey, he uses his experience and newfound life philosophy to coach women via his Happy Life Secrets!

His business, built on his passions of entrepreneurship, personal wellbeing, and professional growth, provides women with enlightening tools to promote personal change and happiness.


A champion of the divine feminine, Herb celebrates and respects the strength, tenacity, and caring spirit of the women in his life and across the globe. Through his platform, he explores this divine energy and honors the balance it brings to a world often driven by busyness.

His mission is clear - to incite transformative change in women through the power of storytelling. Herb created his brand to meet the specific needs of women, using an approachable, intelligent tone to establish genuine connections with his audience. He is always respectful and encouraging, fostering an engaging atmosphere for discussing sensitive or taboo topics.

Together with his wife, Gladys, a successful public relations entrepreneur, Herb co-authored a book of motivational quotes, solidifying their dedication to inspiring others. In addition, Gladys' book documenting her own entrepreneurial journey adds another layer of relatability to their brand.

Gladys' successful career as a public relations entrepreneur is documented in her dynamic book, "Small Business Playing Big: The Game of Government Contracting."

Recognizing the impact of influential figures like Oprah, Martha Stewart, and Michelle Obama, Herb is committed to providing a platform for women that is not only empowering, but also feels familiar and relatable. His ultimate goal is to inspire unwavering belief in oneself and the pursuit of a happy life, using his unique strategies derived from a lifetime of learning.

Herb's chief aim is to transform both your inner and outer world via his one-of-a-kind tactics that he learned as a life-long student.

Ultimate inspiration and encouragement is his mission.