Herb Ammons - an entrepreneur, motivator, storyteller and mega-hub of positivity. Having weathered the storm of negativity in his own entrepreneurial journey, Herb embraced profound change that led him to the joy of public speaking. This exploration became the cornerstone of “Secrets to Your Happy Life,” giving rise to his empowering motto: “Your Happy Life is an Inside Job.”

His location-independent business effortlessly marries his three passions - entrepreneurship, personal growth, and wellness. Integrating these elements enabled Herb to create a vibrant platform that transcends traditional personal development landscapes.


Herb's unwavering mission is to spark transformative change in the inner and outer worlds of his audience via his unique approaches and lessons learned from his own relentless pursuit of growth.

Understanding the power of storytelling and its captivating hold on women, Herb envisages his brand as an invaluable resource specifically tailored for women’s needs. He uses emotional language with casual, yet intelligent verbal presentation to forge authentic connections, while maintaining an expert’s tone. The last thing he wants is to be talking down or trying to "daddy" his audience.

Herb promotes inclusivity over stereotypes, focusing on shared experiences over differences. He encourages discussions on taboo and controversial topics, and believes in empowerment - delivered with the right tone, not merely advice. He understands that the manner of conveying the message often holds more weight than the message itself.

Alongside his beautiful wife, Gladys, Herb co-authored “Hope for Tomorrow: A Book of Motivational Quotes,” further solidifying their roles as an inspiration catalysts.

Gladys' successful career as a public relations entrepreneur is documented in her dynamic book, "Small Business Playing Big: The Game of Government Contracting."

Recognizing the influence figures such as Oprah, Martha Stewart, and Michelle Obama have on women, Herb appreciates the appeal of having relatable stories associated with brands. He's committed to offering women a platform that empowers, inspires, and connects, all wrapped up in a brand that shares their common journey towards indiscriminate self-belief and an unwaveringly happy life.

Herb's chief aim is to transform both your inner and outer world via his one-of-a-kind tactics that he learned as a life-long student.

Ultimate inspiration and encouragement is his mission.