Do You Often Find Yourself Struggling To Know What Makes You Happy?

Are you happy? Do you even know? All too often people let their lives pass them by without even taking a moment to stop and realize if they are or are not happy with themselves. Sadly, this can only end in regrets.

Those who do not take the time to appreciate what they have been blessed with will find themselves left with too many what ifs and could've, should've, would've moments at the end of their days. You do not have to let this happen to you. Instead, you can take time to think about what makes you happy, and then you can go after those things in your own life.

Though it sounds easy, figuring out what makes you happy is not always so easy. The first thing that you need to do is to give yourself permission to even think about it. All too often, our society feels like focusing on your own happiness is self-indulgent and a luxury. However, it is actually a necessity.

If you are not happy you are not going to be as useful to your friends, family, or your self as you could be. Give yourself permission to focus on your happiness and you will unlock the door to your true potential.

Once you have allowed yourself the permission to think about what makes you happy you may have to do a little bit of exploring to answer that question. Start with what you think is fun. Again, this is something that people sometimes forget to allow themselves permission to figure out.

Think about what puts a smile on your face. Is it reading a great book? Hanging out with friends? Playing with your children? There is no rule as to what it should be. The only rule is that you find out what it is.

Additionally, you need to put some serious thought into what you see a happy life to be. This could incorporate a multitude of different details. For some having a family equals happiness, for others being a homeowner is what they strive for, and still others find career success is the ultimate thing that could make them happy. It can even be a combination of details that combine to create a happy life for you. Identifying these things is the first step towards attaining them for yourself.

Finally, one of the biggest keys to finding your own happy life is to pay attention to the small blessings that you have been given in life. Again, these are easy to overlook and therefore lose sight of how happy you should be in your life.

What makes you happy? What types of things should you look for? The feeling you get when your friends laugh at your jokes, the flutter you feel in your heart when your toddler snuggles in to cuddle with you, or the strong sense of satisfaction you get when you complete a task at work and you get recognized for it. These may sound like very little things, but they can be the building blocks of a happy life.


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