Have You Heard of the
Sword of Hope?

It Sounds Powerful and Magical, and It Is

The Sword of Hope. It sounds powerful and magical, and it is. In fact, it is such a powerful statement that it has been the premise of a video game. The game, The Sword of Hope, follows a young boy as he tries to avenge the wrongs that have been done to his family.

While this is simply the story of a video game it can be pertinent to just about anyone's life. The truth is that everyone has had wrongs befall their life. When this happens it can be easy to lose sight of your hope and faith in right. However, if you can grab firmly onto the sword of hope you can find your way to happiness again.

When something negative happens it is easy to become overwhelmed by the negativity of the situation. It can be even easier to let that experience lead you down a path of despair and hopelessness.

Unfortunately, for many people this negativity can start to permeate every aspect of their life. If this feels like something that you have dealt with you are not alone. You can lose hope quickly and easily, but your hope doesn't have to stay lost.

The sword of hope is a strong thing, but it is difficult to constantly keep in your possession. When you start to lose sight of your hopeful side you need to find your way back to that strong foundation that you once had.

• The fist thing that you need to do is to put your situation into perspective. As terrible as any situation may feel there are always positives to be found in your life. When you are feeling overwhelmed by negatives take a breath and look for positives.

• These positives are not easily spotted, but they can be quite powerful like the laugh of your child, the smile of your loved one, or a small professional accomplishment that you have made. Finding a small positive like this may be the clue that you need to find your hope again.

• Once you have found that small glimmer of happiness in your life you need to celebrate it and be grateful for it. Use it to help dampen the impact of the negatives that you are dealing with.

• Hope can be a powerful thing, and if harnessed correctly it can help you keep the speed bumps that you hit in life in perspective. Keeping things in perspective is important so that you do not lose sight of what is truly important.

• This sword is powerful, and its power is in the fact that it helps you to identify what is truly important in life. Having a solid grasp of what is important in your life will help you keep your hope alive and your emotions in check.

Though the sword of hope may sound like a mystical and intangible thing, the truth is that you have the power to posses it. By keeping your eye firmly on the positives that you have in your life you can hang onto your hope which will lead to a more happy and fulfilling life.


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