Low Cost, Start Up Business Ideas
for the New Entrepreneur

Whether you’re unemployed or you’re interested in quitting your day job, beginning a start up of your own is an excellent way to pursue something new. The good news is that you don’t need to have a lot of money to become an entrepreneur. Here’s a look at some low-cost, start up business ideas to consider.

Consulting Business

It’s fairly easy and inexpensive to begin your own consulting business. All you need is the right knowledge, as well as a great network. Purchase your own business cards and consider a website to kick off your new business, both of which can be done without spending a lot of money.


Online Store

Starting your own online store is fairly simple, whether you decide to use a drop-ship service or you sell directly to your consumers. You’ll only need a good website and quality e-commerce software to get the business going. Sell products of your own, sell products from niche suppliers, or make handcrafted items to sell online.


Home-Based Food Business

Consider starting your own home-based food business, such as a catering business or a home-based bakery, if you love cooking or baking. You can get the business started in your own kitchen, which allows you to test the business before you invest in a larger establishment.


Computer Maintenance

If you have tech education or experience, a computer maintenance business is another great start up idea for new entrepreneurs. Since so many people have laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices, you’ll find plenty of great opportunities to offer computer maintenance services, such as desktop cleanups, anti-virus software installation, software downloads, and more.


Organizer Business

Many people have too much stuff in their homes and they don’t have the skills or time needed to organize their home. If you enjoy organizing, consider your own organizer business. All you need is some business cards to get you started.


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