Self-Care Journal Prompts

1. What is one self-care activity that always makes you feel better?

2. What did you do for yourself today?

3. What are three self-care goals you would like to achieve this month?

4. Describe a day when you felt you practiced self-care exceptionally well. What did you do differently?

5. What's your favorite self-care treat that takes little to no time to do?

6. What's one new self-care activity you'd like to try and why?

7. Who in your life supports your self-care efforts the most, and how?

8. What are some obstacles that prevent you from self-care, and how can you overcome them?

9. How does physical activity fit into your self-care routine, and how does it make you feel?

10. Reflect on a time when you neglected self-care. What were the consequences?


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