Secret 9  Prepare to be flexible

Preparation for the future is a great way to put your mind at ease.

Secret Nine unfolds like a supple vine,
Whispering wisdom, 'Prepare to be flexible - intertwine.'

Life is a dance, with unexpected twirls,
Twists and turns, sudden whirls,

Preparation is a lantern in the vast unknown,
A beacon in the dark when seeds of worry are sown.

Yet remember, dear soul, in your walk or your run,
The unpredictability of life is what makes it fun.

Like the willow that bends in the storm's fierce might,
Adaptability is strength, it's the heart's guiding light.

You can plan for the future, map the course,
But life can sometimes feel like a bucking horse.

In these moments of chaos or uncharted realms,
Let flexibility be the captain at the helm.

Root yourself in readiness, open your heart,
Welcome the unexpected, let no fear start.

For the navigation of life requires a gentle sway,
A dance with uncertainty, with the rhythm of the day.

So, face the future, neither rigid nor reckless,
Armed with Secret Nine, 'Prepare to be Flexible,' embrace life