Secret 7 Don’t worry, be happy!

If you want to find hope for tomorrow, stop worrying about the future.

Secret Seven unfolds, a mirthful melody,
A simple tune, sung under the willow tree.

'Don't worry, be happy,' it joyously expresses,
A mantra for life, amidst life's various messes.

If restless thoughts steal your peace, cast them aside,
Welcome in the energy where happiness resides.

Future is but a mirage, an illusion in distant sand,
Why worry about what's not yet in hand?

Rainbows appear after showers have passed,
Why not bask in the moment, that is ever so vast?

Seek not hope in tomorrow, elusive and unsure,
Find it in this moment, pure and demure.

A sunrise, a love-note, laughter of a child,
These sparks of joy are free and wild.

Hold them near, let them your heart ignite,
From these moments of happiness, let your spirit take flight.

For worry is a phantom, a thief in the guise of care,
It steals away present joys, leaving emptiness to bear.

So sing the secret seven, let it ring clear,
Unclouded by worry, happiness is near.

Replace your worries with smiles, let happiness accrue,
If you want hope for tomorrow, the key is in you.