Secret 6  Make life memorable

Create memories and experiences to learn from.

The sixth secret arrives in a playful riddle,
Unfurling wise words, its tune softly fiddles.

'Make life memorable,' it smiles in a song,
Leave footprints of joy, as you journey along.

Like the potter molds the clay into shape,
Inscribe on life’s canvas, a tale that’s agape.

Each shared laughter, every sorrow-kissed tear,
Are moments worth treasuring, memories to hold dear.

Seek out adventures, scale the highest peaks,
Dive into the unknown, find what your spirit seeks.

Journey into the world, or within your heart's hall,
The reminiscence you gather will stand tall.

Walk on moonlit beaches, sip tales with the old,
Embrace a stranger's kindness, let love’s story be told.

For life is a book, and each day a blank page,
Embellish it with memories, be it wisdom or sage.

Create experiences rich, taste life's varied hue,
These provide lessons, a personalised breakthrough.

Treasure each heartbeat, each breath you take,
Carve your existence, memories that won't break.

Learn from every moment, keep them as a pearl,
In the necklace of life, let every memory unfurl.

This secret is a whisper, a recipe of sorts,
'Make life memorable,' it heartily retorts.