Go easy on yourself

Take a step back, breathe, and be kind to yourself. Your happy life starts when you Go Easy on Yourself with HAPPY LIFE SECRET 3!

Learning to go easy on oneself is crucial for mental wellbeing and plays a significant role in cultivating a happy life. Overcoming our own criticisms and accepting ourselves, with our flaws and mistakes, is an important step towards personal growth and self-love. It allows us to maintain a balanced perspective on our lives, reduces stress and anxiety, and fosters resilience in the face of challenges. By being kind and patient with ourselves, we inherently promote an inner sense of peace and happiness, leading to a more fulfilling and contented life.

Go easy on yourself poem

Secret 3  Go easy on yourself

Do not beat yourself up over the past mistakes.

You’re punishing yourself for nothing!

The third secret floats on a gentle breeze,
Whispering softly, with the aim to please.

‘Go easy on yourself’, it sings in a hum,
Allow grace to take over, let harsh self-judgment become numb.

Each soul carries a burden you may not see,
Your own being is no different, learn to let it be.

Mistakes you've made are footprints in the sand,
Don't let self-criticism rule your land.

The past is gone, a phantom's chime,
Punishing yourself, truly, is a crime.

Softness is strength, kindness a balm,
When faced with your errors, choose to be calm.

The road to contentment starts within,
Embrace self-compassion, let it sink in.

Dear heart, remember your human grace,
Even stars falter in celestial space.

Yet, they shine without cease in the night,
Their past errors unseen, their brilliance bright.

Light seeps even from cracks, remember this truth,
In gentleness towards self, you'll reclaim your youth.

So, hush now your worries, quell your internal strife,
'Go easy on yourself' – that's the secret to a happy life.