Secret 11  Pay attention to intuition

Recognize intuition as a higher power speaking to you.

Don’t ignore your intuition.

In the grand tapestry of existence, shimmering so fine,
Unveils secret eleven, an integral lifeline.
A whisper silently sung from the universe's core,
A gift of intuition we should never ignore.

It is the songbird that sings within your soul,
A lighthouse guiding you towards your goal,
Not just a notion but your compass true,
Truth's eternal ink, in hues of intuitive blue.

It dwells not in the echo of spoken words,
But in the silence, where the heart's song is heard,
A sixth sense, the apogee of soul's tower,
An ethereal beacon of a higher power.

Like gentle ripples in a tranquil lake,
Subtle nudges in decisions you make.
An ineffable guide, an inner sight,
Guiding you subtly through the darkest night,

Ignoring it, you bewilder your pace,
As you wander through life's vast maze.
Heed it, let it guide your course,
For it draws from wisdom, a cosmic source.

It's a whisper of truth, pure and serene,
In vast life oak, intuition is the evergreen.
In every pulse, in every decision's root,
Listen to your intuition; it's wisdom's absolute.

So, navigate life's oceans with intuition's charts,
Let it be the compass of your hearts.
With intuition, a happier life we weave,
In its wisdom, let us believe.