Secret 10  Ask for help

At some time in our lives each of us needs a helping hand.

In the journey that we name as life,
A voyage through moments of joy and strife
We all need a hand to hold,
Through chapters new and stories old.

Unveiling secret number ten,
A whisper from life's fountain pen.
Fear not to seek assistance when,
You find your feet in the lion's den.

For within the heart of every man,
Blossoms the desire to lend a hand.
To soothe pain, to lighten loads,
To illuminate the darkest of roads.

The journey can be steep, and at times, fall steep,
And some roads, o' so frighteningly deep.
Yet, a shared burden weighs not as much,
As the strength we receive from another's touch.

Seek not to do it all alone,
Your struggles, let them be known.
For in vulnerability, we find,
Humility, and a bond undefined.

Let pride not become an iron gate,
That denies the charm of a shared fate.
Remember, it's ok to ask, to seek,
The strongest among us was once weak.

So in the course of life, be soft, be bold,
Remember this secret in stories told.
When life is heavy, when hope is thin,
Don't be afraid, just ask for help, let others in.

For in the tapestry of human delight,
Help weaves threads of love and light.
This secret whispers upon the dawn's new break,
In asking for help, a happier life we partake.