Do You Feel Like Progress Is Elusive? Like You're Running On A Hamster's Wheel? …
Remember That
You Saw This Movie Before

It has happened to just about everyone. At some point in your life you have stopped and thought, my life should be a movie. Everyone has had experiences that seem almost too absurd for real life. Those things happen each and every day. Remember, you saw this movie before.

And not all of those things are bad. They can be happy experiences as well, but sometimes even the happiest moments in our lives are not handled well. The key to creating a happy existence for yourself is to remember that you saw this movie before and now you want to learn to handle future experiences with grace.

Life is full of experiences, and sometimes you find yourself thinking back on what your past has been filled with. Chances are there are things that you are proud of as well as moments that you are not as proud of. This mixed bag of feelings is normal. Everyone has some areas of their lives that need to grow and evolve.

Having some issues in the past that you are not proud of does not mean that you cannot have a happy life. By remembering that you saw this movie before, taking those moments in stride, and using them to help you in the future you can create a wonderful life for yourself.

What does create a wonderful life for yourself mean though? Look back on your past experiences. Did you make mistakes? If so you have been given an opportunity to learn. Give some thought to how you would have done things differently. What did you do well? What would you adjust looking back on your previous actions?

Hindsight is always 20/20, so use that new vision to truly evaluate your past actions. Use some of this hindsight to evaluate your emotions as well. Again, as human beings we let go of our happy feelings far too quickly.

Did you allow yourself to overreact? Did you allow yourself to fall into catty and negative behavior? Taking a look at your emotional responses can also help to keep yourself more balanced and calm in the future.

And that is the key. You need to take what you learn from looking back on those past moments and put them into action in the future. In order for you to be happy in the future you have to adapt how you deal with the roadblocks that life throws your way. By acknowledging your past mistakes and previous successes you embrace what is imperfect about you which can make you more happy in life.

Also take the time to adjust your behavior as you make your way through life. Do not repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Remember, you saw this movie before. Instead, keep those reflections that you made close at hand so that you can think of them when you find yourself in similar moments again. Use that knowledge to adjust how you handle things in life. If you do this you will have more happy moments to look back on.


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