Are You Ready To Get Serious About Your Happiness?
Pay Attention To Intuition For
A Happy Life

Almost everyone has heard of “mother's intuition,” but for those who haven't the expression basically means that a mother gets a strong feeling about something having to do with her children. Often mother's intuition can help indicate that their child is ill or upset about something. However, it is not just mother's that have intuition.

In fact, everyone has some sort of intuition. Not everyone pays attention to their intuition. Sadly, this can actually make your life more difficult. Rather than letting that happen you should embrace your intuition and pay attention to it. By doing this you may find an easier, less stressful way to make your way through life.

So what exactly is intuition? Your intuition is basically a little voice in your head or a feeling in your gut. For example, as you are walking down a dark street do you get a feeling that something bad could happen? This is your intuition. If you are paying attention to it you may alter your path or step into a public place so that you feel safer.

If you don't pay attention to intuition you may find yourself in unfortunate circumstances when your purse is snatched or you are mugged. You may dismiss your intuition because you think that you are simply being jumpy or letting your imagination run away with itself. This could actually be doing yourself a disservice. Your instincts are important, and you should allow yourself to follow them.

In this day and age many people have begun to embrace their intuition because they recognize that it could be a message for a higher power. Holding onto your faith is important, and many people find themselves looking for signs from above. Your intuition is just that. It lets you know if there is a situation that you should avoid, or even a person that you should avoid.

Your intuition can help you recognize positive situations that you should embrace. Paying attention to these instincts and following through on them will help you to create a more happy existence and path through life.

Does this mean that you intuition is always correct? Sadly no. There are no guarantees in life, and you may have a strong feeling one way and find that you were mistaken. However, more often than not you will find that your intuition leads you into the right direction.

So as you make your way through life you need to pay attention to intuition. Learn to trust your intuition. Give yourself some time to develop your ability to perceive it, and also build your confidence in its guidance. If you are able to do this you fill find yourself feeling much more happy in life, and after all, isn't that what you want!


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