Are You Making Others Happy?
The Key to Happiness is to Take the Focus Off of Yourself

Too often, instead of trying making others happy, we find ourselves getting wrapped up in our own set of circumstances. Chances are if you find yourself feeling very depressed and unhappy you may not be focusing on those around you as much as you should. Often the key to happiness is to take the focus off of yourself so that you are able to try to do something to make those around you happier. By making others happy you could be setting the stage for yourself to be in a more positive place.

The truth is that when you try to make someone else happy you are putting a fair amount of effort into it. That effort serves to help remove the focus from yourself and your own problems. Instead of losing yourself in all of the trials and tribulations that you are facing you shift your focus to someone else. Often this will help to put your problems into focus. This also helps you to identify what is going great in your life and what you should feel lucky to have going on.

When looking for someone to help make happy you may see a candidate in your immediate circle of friends and family or you may have to look just a bit further. Sometimes the best thing that you can do is to look beyond the group of people that you already know. Volunteer work can be incredibly rewarding. It will help to make you a happier and more selfless person. You can also count on the fact that you are going to be making someone else's day who really needs your help.

When you volunteer you find yourself interacting with people who are often less fortunate than yourself. This experience helps to ground you and to give you a glimpse into a less fortunate set of circumstances. In some ways that may be the reality check that you need to become happier with your own circumstances. That frame of reference can really help to keep your feet on the ground when facing the trials and tribulations that life will throw your way. Rather than spiraling into a melodramatic fit you will be able to put your tough circumstances into perspective by comparing them to the tougher circumstances of those that you have been helping.

You don’t have to volunteer to really start making others happy. You can also look at the people that you interact with every day like your family members, your coworkers, and even your children. If you try to really make their day with your words and actions you will be surprised at how good you start to feel.

Finding your sense of happy is not always easy. In fact, if you are self- absorbed in your own circumstances you may not be able to find it. If you focus on trying to make others happy, you may be surprised at how infectious being happy is. Before you know it you may find yourself smiling from ear to ear!


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