What Are the Lessons Learned From the Sun?  Let Hope Be the Center of Your Universe

No doubt, you've seen the sun. It slides across the sky each day in a predictable pattern, providing life to this planet we know as Earth. More than likely, you never question whether the sun will be there tomorrow. Although it sinks away each night, you have a belief, whether you realize it or not, that the sun will rise once again. The sun is representative of the order of the universe. Without it, there would be no order - no life.

Since you believe in the sun, which is always present and available, even when you cannot see it, you can find many deep life lessons from the center of our solar system - the sun. Just as the sun is always shining somewhere and it is available to those who believe in it, you will find that hope is always present as well. It's time to allow hope to be the center of your universe. To help find the hope within, here are some lessons learned from the sun that can help.

Lesson #1 - Where There is Light There are Shadows

The first lesson is where there is light, there are shadows. It is the sun that casts the shadows we see, and there is an important life lesson here. In our lives, often we see the shadows and think there is no "sun" or no hope left for us. However, the reality is that there will be shadows when there is light present. When you find shadows in life, don't give up on hope. Realize that those shadows are only there because there is hope for you. Look beyond the shadows to see the light - the light of hope.

Lesson #2 - Without the Sun There is No Life

It is a well known fact that without the sun, there is no life. If the sun stopped shining, our life would end. The same thing applies to hope. Without hope, there cannot be life. Hope is like the rays of the sun. It fosters life. It makes us grow, it keeps us warm, and it keeps us alive. As long as you believe, hope is there for you, so take time to bask in the warm rays of hope.

Lesson #3 - The Sun is There ... Even When It Isn't Shining

The most important lesson we can learn is that the sun is always there, even though we don't see it shining. Sometimes clouds pass over, blocking it from view, yet we still know it is there. The sun sinks away in the evenings and darkness falls. However, the sun is still there. Hope once again is just like the sun. Even when we cannot see it, hope is still there. One young lady in the middle of great tragedy realized this great truth - her name was Anne Frank. When faced with adversity, she had this to say: "I believe in the sun, even when it is not shining."

This is a lesson we all must learn. To hope, even when it seems we cannot see a reason to hope. Let hope become the very center of your universe, giving your life order and meaning.


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