3 Things You Must Learn from Yesterday Before You
Release Your Past

No doubt, you have been given advice to leave the past behind you. Maybe you have been told you need to release your past. To some extent, both of those things are true - there is a time to let the past go. However, before you release your past, it is important that you learn from yesterday.

You see, the experiences that you have had in the past are some of the best educational tools that you have. If you simply forget your past, you will never learn from those experiences that have so much to teach you. Before releasing your past, here are three things that you definitely need to learn. Learn these things from yesterday and your tomorrows will be more successful.

1 - Repeat Your Successes

The first thing you need to learn from yesterday before releasing your past is to pay attention to the things that you have done right. Sometimes it's so easy to focus on the mistakes, but you need to look at the things you have done right. Look back at the things that led you towards success. Look at the steps you took to accomplish those things.

Find out where you took the right steps. When you look at the things you have done right in the past, you learn something important about yourself. You learn the keys to being successful. No doubt you have had many good times in your past, so enjoy looking back at those times, learning from them, and gleaning important information that will help you on your journey towards success in the future.

2 - Learn From Your Mistakes

The next thing to look at before completely releasing your past is the things that you've done wrong. After you take a look at the good times and the things you have done right, you also need to look at where things went wrong. Look back and figure out where you made mistakes and where your choices took you the wrong way. It's not always easy to admit that you were wrong or to relive those mistakes, but there is something to be learned here.

If you simply push away the things you have done wrong in the past, you miss out on a valuable learning opportunity. Then those wrong choices have no worth unless you decide to investigate them and learn from them. It's time that you take a look at the choices you made and where you went wrong. Take a closer look to find out what steps led you to the wrong choices, think back, and come up with ways that you may have been able to change this path.

When you learn from yesterday, you are able to see things with more clarity. You may not have realized you were going in the wrong direction at the time. As you reevaluate the past and the mistakes you made, you are now able to realize where you began to make the wrong choices and where you started down the wrong track. Learning from what you have done wrong in the past can help you avoid making the wrong choices in the future. As you see the steps you took in the wrong direction in the past, you can ensure that you don't make that mistake again.

3 - Go Easy on Yourself

It is definitely important that you look at your past and learn from yesterday, both the good and the bad. One of the most important things you need to learn is to avoid beating yourself up over the past mistakes you have made. The mistakes have already been made - there is nothing you can do to change them now. No matter how much you beat yourself up, you won't be able to make the past different. You are merely punishing yourself for nothing.

However, while you should not be beating yourself over those mistakes, you should be learning from them. Don't berate yourself for the mistake. You'll actually find that mistakes from the past teach a lot of important lessons. It is those mistakes that have made you the person you are today. They shape you and your destiny.

What you need to do is learn from yesterday and accept the mistakes, look at the good points and the bad from the past, and then use what you have learned to become a success in the future. Instead of allowing your self confidence to be ruined by the mistakes from your past, use them to build your character and your confidence.

After doing three things, you are ready to release your past. Once you have learned the important lessons that the past holds for you, it is time to move on. As a whole, you can look at your life and realize how much you really have accomplished.

Sure, there have been good things and a few mistakes, but in the end, there is so much that you have done. Don't just push the past away. Learn from it - both the good parts and the bad. Take mistakes and make them a learning experience instead of beating yourself up over them. Remember to learn from yesterday and then you are ready to move on, to release the past, and to look forward to a future full of hope.


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