Hiring Heroes: A Business Owner's
Guide to Hiring Veterans

No matter what type of business you have, you can likely benefit from hiring a veteran. However, you want to make sure you get it right, as veterans deserve the best job opportunities available. Here are some tips for hiring veterans to work for your business.

Why Choose a Veteran?

Veterans often receive specialized training in the military that can translate well to numerous civilian jobs. Supply chain management, information security analyst, and mechanic are just a few of the many jobs former service members may be highly qualified for. Not only do veterans usually have experience picking up new skills quickly and working efficiently with a diverse range of people, but they're often competent leaders thanks to their military careers.

Make a point to actively recruit veterans to your company by becoming involved in local organizations dedicated to supporting service members. There are many of these organizations available nationally, including the Semper Fi Fund, Operation Gratitude, and the National Veterans Foundation, to name just a few.

Consider the Wounded Warriors

Unfortunately, not all veterans return home unscathed. As of 2019, it's estimated that there were over 4 million disabled veterans living in the United States. With that number set to rise in the coming years, workplace accessibility is imperative to ensuring veterans with disabilities can be successful in their careers.

If you're in the market for a brick-and-mortar space for your business, make sure the property is accessible for wheelchairs and mobility devices. Also take proximity to public transportation routes into consideration, as many disabled people rely on these systems for their transportation needs.

Show Your Cards

Even as technology changes the way business is done, one thing lives on: business cards. Having high-quality business cards to give to potential employees helps your business stand out in the digital world. In fact, nearly 60% of small business owners say business cards are vital to the success of their growing business. Online business card templates let you customize your business card design and style by inserting your own text, images, colors, and fonts so you can effectively recruit veterans interested in joining your team.

Tax Incentives for Hiring Veterans

Beyond all the other benefits, hiring veterans has distinct financial advantages for your business. Businesses that hire qualified veterans can receive tax credits for doing so, with the average veteran offering employers over $4,000 in tax reductions. You can also take advantage of even more tax relief by hiring veterans with disabilities through the Wounded Warrior tax credits. And since there's no limit on the number of veterans your business can hire to receive credits, it's in your best interest to recruit as many veterans as you can.

The Veteran Advantage

Veterans hold endless potential for your business. Committing to hiring former service members is an excellent way to give back to your community and ensure your business gets the best talent.