Happy Lasting Relationships Take Work
6 Ideas to Build
Happy Lasting Relationships

Here are six ideas to build happy lasting relationships.

Many people dream of finding that perfect relationship. However, perfect is not something that often sticks when it comes relationships. In fact, perfect does not necessarily mean happy. The truth is that for most lasting relationships you want to find happiness with one another in the long run.

• Happy lasting relationships take work, and if you put in that work you will find your way to a happy and healthy relationship. The first thing that you absolutely must understand is that you are going to go through highs and lows with your partner. That is normal and it is to be expected. Some of those tough times are what help you to strengthen your relationship with each other. You need to take those bumps in the road in stride and value them for the educational experiences they are giving you. While you may not be happy through these tough times, you will grow from them and your relationship will get stronger.

• Another thing that you must do to build happy and lasting relationships is to identify and value the good in your relationship. It is easy to lose sight of the positive traits that your partnership has. You need to take some time out to celebrate what is really great about the way that you and your partner interact with each other. You can do this by simply giving it some thought or writing it down. Perhaps the best way is for you and your partner to sit down have a conversation together. In this conversation take time to identify what it is that you value and love about each other and your relationship.

• One of the keys to building happy lasting relationships is also to allow and encourage each other to have a life of your own. Too often couples let their entire worlds become all about their partner. While you do want to be invested in each other you do not want to solely rely on your partner for all of the support, entertainment, and friendship that you need.

• Honestly, that will start to feel like a burden and you may start to feel bored in your relationship. Instead, you want to allow yourself and your partner to have your own interests, friends, hobbies, and activities. This will ensure that the two of you have something to talk about when you come back together. It will also help you to value the time that you spend together.

• You do want to spend some time finding out what makes your partner truly happy. Knowing how each of you gives and receives love can be the key to happy lasting relationships. All too often people try to give love in the way that they would like to receive it. While the thought behind this is a good one it is not always effective. Your partner may not receive love the same way that you do.

• Finally, you want to really have some conversations that identify what means the most to your partner. How do they receive love? It could be kind words or it could be acts of service. Once you have those things identified it will make it easier for you to express your love, and the same could be true for your partner.

By following these ideas, you be able to truly make each other happy. You will be able to build happy, lasting relationships.


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