Do You Really Want To Learn To Go Easy On Yourself?

You are your own worst critic. Chances are if you are like most people you do not cut yourself much slack. When you make mistakes you find yourself continually beating yourself up about it. In fact, you even find yourself thinking really awful things about yourself and how you handle situations.

In actuality this is not a great way to be. The world is filled with people ready to judge you. You need to become your own fan rather than your worst critic. While that may sound simple, the real question is, how do you change this negative behavior in yourself?

The first thing that you need to do is admit to yourself that you are not perfect. The reality is that you are going to come up against circumstances in life that you do not have control over. Additionally, you are going to make mistakes occasionally. Go easy on yourself!

You are human and that is to be expected. Mistakes are not even necessarily bad. When you make a mistake you give yourself an opportunity to learn from your experiences. Those lessons that you learn will stick with you for years to come because they were born out of experience and not simply through words passed down from someone else.

You must also take some time to realize that no mistake means the end of the world. While in the moment you may feel as though you have ruined everything that couldn't be further from the truth. Though mistakes can be overwhelming they are recoverable. Go easy on yourself!

In the moment you should try to put as much as you can into perspective and to take one step at a time. If you do that you will be able to slowly put the pieces of any situation back together.

Reflection is also key. Taking time to self evaluate and reflect on how you handled things can be very valuable when it comes to being able to handle situations better in the future. Take a look at the things that you did well, and the things that you did poorly. Try to identify what separates the victories from the failures, and use that knowledge to help you in the future.

Finally, to truly go easy on yourself you need to learn to forgive. While it is easy to forgive others human beings often have a hard time forgiving themselves. Try to treat yourself as you would someone else and allow yourself to be imperfect. Go easy on yourself!

When your head immediately jumps to the negative, stop yourself and ask if you would have that reaction if you were hearing the same thing about a friend or loved one. Most people would cut others some slack, so try to do that for yourself. If you can, you will find yourself happier and more confident in the long run.

So go easy on yourself! Allow yourself to learn from yesterday, but don't punish yourself for past mistakes. Instead, allow yourself to learn and evolve so that you can become a stronger person through and through.


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