3 Things To Do To
Fulfill Your Divine Potential

Maybe at this point in your life, you are unsatisfied with your career. You're not alone. Many people feel the same way you do. You don't have to stay stuck where you are in your career forever. Here are three important things that will totally transform your career and they'll help you fulfill the divine potential that you have.

1. Ask For Help From A Higher Power

At some time in our lives each you have prayed to a higher power. There is something you need to realize about prayer. Every time you pray, you are communicating your thoughts, your dreams, your disappointments, your fears, and your successes. There is power in this prayer, but only if you recognize it and claim it.

This is an opportunity where you can realize what your desires are and you can connect with the spiritual side of your being. When you pray, take note of the words you are speaking. Praying will help you learn about the blessings you want in life, what you want to create, and the things you want to bring about in your life. You can fulfill your divine potential.

Prayer allows you to bring all of your senses and feelings together. You are able to connect with the higher power in an intricate way that reveals your true desires in life. More than likely you will get insights into your goals for the future and where you want your career to go in a way that you have never seen before.

In this time of communicating with a higher power, you learn a lot about yourself. You can use this opportunity to declare that you are going to transform your career and fulfill your divine potential.

2. Your Intuition Is The Higher Power Speaking To You

Do you realize that your intuition is the higher power speaking to you? When you realize this and begin listening to your intuition, you will begin to see a difference in the way you are living your life.

You have heard your intuition referred to time and time again. You may have been encouraged to "go with your instincts," or to "follow that intuition." There is great truth here that you need to recognize … many people are very confused by their intuition. You need to realize that this is not reasoning that comes from the mind or some kind of emotion.

This is a special type of communication that comes from a higher power that gives you knowledge that you do not have to think through. It is a spiritual communication that will point you in the right direction without explanation. Essentially it is the North Start in your life - the guidance of the higher power.

Intuition, or the words of a higher power, can come to you in many ways. You may have a feeling, a hunch, a gut feeling, a sixth sense, an "aha" moment, a sensation, a sudden insight, or simply an inner voice that calmly speaks to you. It is different for each person and you need to tune into this communication if you want to fulfill your divine potential.

3. Your Feelings … Listen To Them!

I encourage you to listen to your feelings. Listen to them for direction in your life. Don't ignore them, but pay close attention to them. Most people who ignore their gut feelings end up making the wrong choices. This leads to setbacks and problems that should not have occurred. Simply paying attention to the way that you feel can help you find the right direction in your life, both in personal life and in your career as well.

It does not have to be difficult to get out of a career rut. You can transform your career and live up to the divine potential you were created for.

First, remember your prayers - a communication with a higher power. Listen to your heart when you pray and find out your deepest desires.

Make sure you recognize intuition as a higher power speaking back to you. Don't ignore it, but listen to that higher power speaking through your intuition.

Last, listen to your feelings because they will direct you in the right path - the path to success and the path to the fulfillment of your divine potential.


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