Are You Happy To Be You?
If Not, Get Your Happy Back!

Happiness is often underrated. You don't often find yourself focusing on your own happiness. Instead, you may be focusing on all of the work and stress that you have deal with in your day-to-day life. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that many people make.

Why is it a mistake? The truth is that there are many different benefits that a happy outlook has on your life. It's your job to recognize them and to figure out how to get your happy back.

• One of the biggest reasons that you want to say yourself, “I am happy to be me,” is that happy people are more productive people. If you are content with who you are and where you are in life you will find that you are able to get much more done in a normal day than an unhappy person.

• You don't waste time simply hoping for your circumstances to change because you are depressed. Rather you are the master of your own fates because you have recognized that in your life you can control some of what happens or at least how you react to the circumstances that you are presented with.

• Happy folks also deal with discouragement and bumps in the road much better than those who aren't. Typically, if you are very unhappy you may find yourself losing hope and giving up when you are faced with a difficult situation. This attitude will only lead you to more dire circumstances.

• Instead of sinking into this depressed state you want to recognize the positive side of the situation. Rather than focusing on the negative, find the hope in the situation by recognizing that every bump in the road is a learning opportunity. Often when we know that we're learning a lesson we are able to make our way through difficult circumstances in a much better way. Wake up every morning and say to yourself “I am happy to be me!”

• The other thing that you have to realize is that in this world there are many people out there who are going to try to tear you down. Often we are so hard on ourselves that we lose sight of the great things that we have. When this happens a simple negative statement from someone might destroy your sense of self. Again, you want to avoid this because no one should go through life feeling that badly about who they are.

• Realize that there is hope for you to change anything about yourself that you don't like. You have the ability to make those changes, but they need to be changes that you want. Accept who you are right now and that you are a work in progress. If you can do this you will be infinitely more happy with yourself in this moment.

• Perhaps the most important truth is that if you are happy with who you are, other people will be as well. When that happens you will find that you have stronger friendships and relationships with your family.

• Additionally, your coworkers may develop a stronger working relationship with you. People want to surround themselves with happy and positive people. If you are one of those people you can be sure that you will never find yourself alone.

If you want to get your happy back, remind yourself everyday, “I am happy to be me!”


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