Health & Wealth Magnetism - Using The Law of Attraction To Create Health and Wealth

Chapter 5: The Secret and Your Money

The Secret can bring you money, but it is not about money.  It is certainly not about empty, proud, cold, wealth that stems out of the greed mindset.  This is about fulfilling your purpose, which is expressed in your deepest, most treasured dreams.  The dream of your heart is your purpose on earth.

Our society tends to make us jump right to careers when we hear that, but it might not be a career at all.  Your passion may be to parent your child.  Your passion may be to be the best friend you can possibly be.  Your passion may be to give enough that 1,000 new wells get built in parts of the world that currently have none.    

None of these things can happen without money.         

Money starts companies.  Money builds bridges and roads.  Money brings the security and freedom a parent needs to focus on parenting.  Money brings the resources for philanthropy.         

If you fall into the trap of believing that money is evil, then only evil people will have money.  Do we really want our beliefs to ensure that only pimps, drug dealers, war mongers, and cheats enjoy abundance while the good people of the world struggle?  Of course not!  That would be silly.    

Yet if money is all that you focus on, money will always elude you.  For one thing, we tend to store a lot of mental garbage when it comes to money.  We tend to have a lot of fears about money.  Fear is always counterproductive.

Bypass money entirely. It’s not important here. It’s necessary, but it’s not all that important to you.

Joseph Campbell said, “If you follow your bliss, the money will follow.”  Get settled with the idea that you need money to achieve your dreams and that there’s nothing wrong with that.  Then ignore it.  Turn your attention to your bliss.  That is where the Secret will begin to work for you.  That is where your emotions will supercharge your thoughts into the change you need.


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