Health & Wealth Magnetism - Using The Law of Attraction To Create Health and Wealth

Chapter 3: Mindset and Management

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Are you staring at a long list of tasks and new terminology, from SEO to social bookmarking?  Is some nagging voice in the back of your head trying to tell you, as you stare at the world wide web, that this is not your Grandfather’s way of making money, so how true could it be?

Well, you’re right about part of it, this isn’t your Grandfather’s way.  This is your way, and it’s going to be fantastic!

Every journey, it is said, begins at the first step.  Your first step is to work on you.  Before you buy hosting, before you load up your web page, before you build your list, you have to know how to get your head in the game and how to keep it there.  You’re taking a leap of faith into a vast, wild territory that changes every single day.  You’re one drop in a shifting sea.  In order to stand out, you need confidence.  You need personal development. 

You need to apply the Secret

The Secret is just this:  everything begins with a thought.  Thoughts lead to actions, which leads to the results of those actions made manifest in your life. 

The Orville brothers had a thought about a flying machine.  They took the action of sitting down to design their machine and then going out to test it.  They manifested the ability for you to go to an airport and be anywhere in the whole world in a matter of hours.

And you thought you were sailing uncharted waters!

Thoughts like, “I can’t do this,” “this won’t work,” “well, I’ll give it a shot, but if it doesn’t work out I guess I’ve got my day job to fall back on,” lead only to two kinds of actions.  Inaction or inefficient action. 

Either you talk yourself out of starting, or you spin your wheels reading email after email and surfing website after website without ever really getting your feet wet.  As a result, your life fails to manifest a working internet business that gives you the freedom you really want.

Compare this to positive, super charged thoughts like:  “Nothing’s going to stop me.  I have every tool I need.  Other people have done this and so can I.  I’m totally committed.  I won’t hold back.  I’ve got a plan.”

Thoughts like this lead to you taking appropriate action.  You create that product.  You build that list.  You stop fretting over the technicalities and the “can’t do” and get creative about the “can do.”  You start outsourcing anything you can’t deal with on your own.  You keep learning.  You polish up your management skills and you keep your mind in the right place—and little by little, your small efforts turn into something much bigger: the manifestation of a new life.


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