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Are You Helping or
Hurting Your Health Consciously?

It may seem ridiculous to say that we hurt ourselves consciously… and yet, if we were to be radically honest with ourselves, the truth would be clear. Most people consciously do things that hurt themselves.

Millions of people struggle to lose weight every single day. Everyone knows that they need to eat less and make wiser food choices. We know that we should avoid eating doughnuts and drinking soda. Yet, we do it.

Here’s what makes it so tough – when you’re trying to make a change for the better and clean up your diet, your body resists you every step of the way. We get cravings for junk food.

We binge eat in the middle of the night. We tell ourselves, “Just one cookie will do”, but end up eating the whole sleeve of Oreos. We know we’re not supposed to do it… but we still do it.

We know that we need to exercise. Yet, we don’t. The excuses that the mind will conjure up just to skip a workout could probably fill 5 books. So, why is this the case?

Why do we not do what helps us and instead, knowingly do what hurts us?

The answer comes down to our habits. We are creatures of habit. When you’re trying to break a bad habit, almost always you’ll be met with resistance. There will be a battle between your will and your body.

It’s for this very reason millions struggle to change their diet or quit smoking. The bad habits are injurious to our health, but our bodies are so hooked on the “bad stuff” that giving them up becomes very uncomfortable.

Since your body has a self-preservation mechanism, it will always choose the path of least resistance in order to protect you… even if that means harming you.

For example, giving up sodas may be one of your goals. However, you may be addicted to sugar, and not consuming any of it will lead to uncomfortable cravings. To avoid this discomfort, your mind will start playing tricks on you and tell you that just one can of soda will do. After all, you did exercise earlier, right?

If you listen to your mind and give in, you’d have chosen the easier path. Your body is satisfied and has no discomfort. However, the sugar in the soda will wreak havoc on your body in the long run. Temporary comfort creates a situation which leads to long-term discomfort.

To avoid this situation, you must understand how your mind and body works. You have to realize that you’re in control of both and if you lose control of the reins, both will run wild.

Spend time analyzing why you behave the way you behave. Get in touch with your thoughts and actions. You’ll see that you often don’t do what’s in your best interests.

Most people behave in this way and you’re not alone. Only the most disciplined and enlightened people do what’s right all the time. By getting in tune with your inner programming, you will be able to prevent yourself from sabotaging yourself.

Learn how your mind and body operates and you can do what is necessary to help yourself… and very often, it will mean going against yourself. The good news is that over time, you will form good habits and your health will improve and your life will change for the better.

The internal transformation you experience will be so marvelous that you never look back. This is the ultimate goal to aspire for – being in total control of yourself. Definitely worth striving for.


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