Health & Wealth Magnetism - Using The Law of Attraction To Create Health and Wealth

Chapter 7: Applications to Internet Marketing

When you set out to make money on the Internet, you are going to play in a very equalized pool.  Everybody goes to the same internet.  Everybody gets the same Google, the same Facebook, the same Squidoo.  Any two people can find the same forums and the same article directories.  At any given time there are hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world that can make you a success: potential customers, mentors, and business partners.  It is all there. You just have to find it or use it correctly.

Yet 99% of all internet businesses fail.  In spite of having little or no start up costs, in spite of having little or no overhead, the businesses do not turn out the sorts of results that people had hoped for, and so they give up.  They go on to something else.  They decide it doesn’t work.  They go out skeptical and they leave certain: certain that only scammers and the very lucky make money from home on the internet.

Yet there are hundreds of thousands of people who are making money on the internet, making good money.  They follow high ethical standards.  They provide real products of real value.  They live the kinds of lives they want to live.

This is why the Secret applies to internet marketing so strongly.  If you believe in yourself and what you are doing, you won’t throw in the towel when traffic to your site isn’t what you’d envisioned.   You’ll figure out how to make it better.  You won’t balk at the sudden writer’s block you get when trying to make a solid forum post to help get your name out there—you’ll learn ways to beat the block.  You won’t make a slipshod effort that looks slipshod and feels slipshod and produces few, if any, results.  You’ll learn what works and you’ll apply what works.  You’ll do what you love and love what you’re doing because that is what you set out to do, and through the Secret you understand that every resource you need to make it happen is in the Universe generally and there on the internet with you in particular.  You’ll constantly be thinking hey, I’m as capable as the next guy, if he could pick up the skills so can I.  You’ll pick up the skills and you’ll keep right on going.

There is a time delay between each component of the Secret: your thoughts and decisions, then your actions, and then the results of your actions.  You might not wake up today with thousands of site visitors. Your efforts today might not produce immediate results. Quit training yourself to the immediate result. Acting like you already have what you want gives you the strength and power you need to keep taking the actions that will get you there. Acting like what you want is always in the future will place your actions in a different place: in a place where they are not getting done and you are reading worthless emails to distract yourself  instead.


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