Now is the perfect time to start a new business!

In the age of corporate downsizing, bankruptcy, and jobs that were once full time now part time, lots of people are considering or actually starting a new business. Most new businesses fail, but not because people did not work hard on their business ideas. They simply lacked the confidence to successfully navigate all the steps there are to start a business.

That is where the resources on this website become really valuable. No one succeeds alone and there is no need to go it alone when the resources are easy to access and free.

The path from good idea for a business to financial security is fraught with peril and the chance to lose a lot of money in a very short period of time.  Learning early and often will help prevent many expensive lessons that most first time business owners make.

Herb says, “I want business ownership to be not just financially rewarding. I want it to be transformative for the inner and outer life.  Ultimately, inspiration and encouragement are what my mission is all about.”


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