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COVID-19 has made life more complicated. Many cities are on lockdown – either partial or total. Most sectors of the economy, like tourism, aviation, education, etc., have incurred heavy losses. The health and wellness sector is also affected by the scourge of this virus. Therefore, every health and wellness coach must devise new marketing strategies to meet the demands of the hour. Here are marketing strategies that comply with the COVID-19 precautionary measures, and ensure you make profits.

Digitize Your Marketing Strategies

It would help if you utilized online marketing channels to keep your target audience informed. This period, engagements on social media apps have gone up by 20%. A survey by the American Association of Advertising Agencies shows that 43% of the respondents find it pleasing to hear from trusted brands. Another 40% of respondents are concerned about what brands are doing in response to this pandemic. 

Therefore, you must utilize your social media platforms to engage your clients. You can write articles or create blogs to educate your clients. Podcasts on health and wellness related issues are also a smart move. You can run search campaign ads such as Google PPC. This will surge the organic traffic on your website.

Empathize with Your Target Audience

The COVID-19 virus makes people’s ears itch for news. Hence, many are susceptible to fake news. In contrast, you can join the right train to provide the right information regarding the novel coronavirus while running your campaign ads. It would be best if you empathized with your audience, giving words of encouragement. While you share essential tips on health and wellness, ensure to guide people on the safety measures against coronavirus. When the clients see that you empathize with them, your clients’ engagement will increase.

Sell E-Books

E-Books are also on the rise now. Hence, you should consider selling e-Books, dealing with health and wellness related issues this period. With good advertisement strategies, you will make massive profits. You can sell on platforms like Amazon Prime.

To sum it up, these strategies ensure your increased online engagements. Besides, you can seek recommendations from digital marketing strategists for more solutions that will help to meet your specific needs. You must ensure not to offend your target audience’s sentiments. Follow coronavirus safety measures while you run your campaign ads. If you do these, you are assured of more visibility and engagements in this period.

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